Client Reviews:

Artwork: Home at Last

I saw this painting and felt an immediate connection with the colours and the flow of the lines. I like to think that I chose the painting but I think that it might have chosen me. There is an intention deep within the piece that sings to my soul and makes me curious and hopeful.



Artworks: On the Waterfront , Winter Thaw and Resurgam

When I saw Loretta's paintings at The Artist Project in 2017 I was immediately mesmerized. The colours! The layers! The movement! Two years later " On the Waterfront " still manages to surprise me with its chameleon qualities; a barren landscape after a storm one day, a gentle spring day the next. " Winter Thaw " is exactly that, a tranquil, calming symphony of blues. Just a few minutes of looking at that painting one feels restored and peaceful.  Quite on the contrary, "Resurgam " demands attention, makes you twitch. One feels a lot of tension between the fiery earth and mysterious underworld under a watchful, hovering sky. One wants to know what happens next. Well, what did happen next was that I bought all three pieces and they never fail to delight ! Thank you Loretta 



Artwork: Deciphering Nature

When I see a composition that I find captivating, for me, it's usually more about subjective sensitivity rather than about objective actuality; that long-standing wrestling match between the virtual and the real. When I saw the initial piece, I commissioned the artist to add another half-dozen branches to the tree, evoking the self-same darkling mood. I was hoping she would be triggered by the notion and proceed extemporaneously rather than with a set blueprint. And this she did successfully - depicturing that ambiguous materiality while also incorporating a foretaste of the magic formula. The bonus was that I was now also able to become a small part of the process - by arranging the seven pieces as I sought fit - with the option of repositioning them yet again if the mood so struck me.



Artwork:  On the Beach

This painting now graces our newly renovated living room and we are enjoying how it works so well to compliment the room. Thank you Loretta!

Alma & George